Starting in the late 1990s, TAPS participated in negotiations related to legislation to create a new, independent national self-regulating reliability organization, under FERC oversight, with the authority necessary to enforce reliability standards developed through a process that ensures balanced representation of all interests. TAPS supported enactment of this legislation as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and participated in FERC proceedings implementing the legislation and certifying the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as the Electric Reliability Organization. Since then, TAPS has actively participated in FERC rulemaking proceedings pertaining to NERC Reliability Standards, as well as the procedures used by NERC to develop and enforce the standards.

In light of the enhanced importance of the standards development process at NERC and, for the related business practices, at the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), TAPS has become a strong voice for TDUs in both arenas. Bill Gallagher has mobilized and coordinated TAPS efforts to monitor and participate in NERC and NAESB activities. Bill is a past chair of the NERC Members Representative Committee (MRC) and continues to serve. TAPS Executive Director John Twitty is Vice Chair of the MRC. In addition, Bill serves on the NAESB Board of Directors and on the Executive Committee of the NAESB Wholesale Electric Quadrant. TAPS has significant additional representation on the MRC, the NAESB Board, and the NAESB Wholesale Electric Quadrant Executive Committee, and most NERC standing committees, as well as on selected drafting teams. TAPS frequently submits comments to both organizations.