TAPS . . .

  • Is an association of transmission-dependent electric utilities located in 35 states.
  • Is an effective voice in the fight for open and equal transmission access and for strong protections against the exercise of market power in electric markets.
  • Supports vigorously competitive wholesale electric markets and a robust grid.
  • Participates in policy proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy and other federal agencies that deal with electric transmission and market power in the electric utility industry.
  • Testifies before Congress and educates members of Congress and their staffs on federal legislation issues related to competitive, reliable wholesale electric markets, open transmission access, and the need for a robus transmission grid.


TAPS members meet in the spring and fall of each year at member sites, and otherwise as necessary, to develop consensus on positions and strategies and discuss issues of common interest.

2020 Spring Conference Presentations

2019 Fall Conference Presentations